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October 04 2016


i blocked and then finally unblocked all of you guys for a forced unfollow, i dont plan on using this site as much cause im just too busy but i do have a side blog that i have access to its just the tags arent what i want them to be yet. see you maybe if i ever get that side blog looking the way i want it to

June 04 2015

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Mums and Maids


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This is a man that’s running for the President of the United States………………

Funny how the vast majority of people saying (or even suggesting) that they want to “feel like a woman” for the sake or watching women undress/shower in locker rooms/dressing rooms are gross cishet men.

Trying to frame trans women as sexual predators while openly defending an admitted sexual predator (of vulnerable children, his younger siblings no less)? Stay classy, Fuckabee.

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Massive argentinian feminist protest against femicides and gender-based violence (There is a femicide every 31 hours here in Argentina… pretty fucked up). 100 peaceful manisfestations all over the country. Couldn’t be prouder of where i live. #NiUnaMenos (No one less)

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The behind story of the ‘Fortune Cookie’
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they wanna be oppressed so bad

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Symara Templeman for Narcisse Magazine

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This magical new underwear could replace tampons and pads 

Menstruation is a natural part of life, but it has long been and continues to be stigmatized. Three women have come up with a way to change all that. Twin sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal and friend Antonia Dunbar innovated THINX underwear, which completely eliminates the need for tampons or pads and could also help in need in the developing world.

No more pads???

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June 03 2015

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LMAO all in her shit 😩

June 02 2015

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Warning sign of the century award goes to…



can we please destroy the culture of cis hetero marriages where the guy acts like he’s getting dragged into it? it’s misogynistic as fuck, it’s rude and disrespectful to everyone involved, and it’s a huge middle finger to everyone else who would kill to get the privilege that you’re throwing around like it’s 25 to life

if you’re going to act like getting married is the end of your life then your wife deserves so much better than a shit-stained moist saltine cracker of a husband

and what makes the men who do this even more shit brained is that they are usually the ones to propose.

“fuuuck, I can’t believe I’m getting married, man”

“but weren’t you the one who asked her?”

“yeah but aHHaaaHHhHHAHh bAll n’ cHAin MAAaannn!”

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The Press Is Ignoring Bernie Sanders

On May 26, Sen. Bernie Sanders hosted his first major campaign rally since announcing his presidential candidacy last month. Staged on the banks of Lake Champlain in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont, the Sanders rally reportedly drew more than five thousand people, making it one of the largest campaign events of 2015, hosted by either a Democrat or a Republican.

But the sprawling rally didn’t cause much of a media stir. Rather than cover it as a major news event, the Washington Post ignored the rally in its print edition the next day, as did the New York Times, according to a search of the Nexis database. The network news programs that night covered the event in just a few sentences.

At a time when it seems any movement on the Republican side of the candidate field produces instant and extensive press coverage, more and more observers are suggesting there’s something out of whack with Sanders’ press treatment.

And they’re right.

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