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can we please destroy the culture of cis hetero marriages where the guy acts like he’s getting dragged into it? it’s misogynistic as fuck, it’s rude and disrespectful to everyone involved, and it’s a huge middle finger to everyone else who would kill to get the privilege that you’re throwing around like it’s 25 to life

if you’re going to act like getting married is the end of your life then your wife deserves so much better than a shit-stained moist saltine cracker of a husband

and what makes the men who do this even more shit brained is that they are usually the ones to propose.

“fuuuck, I can’t believe I’m getting married, man”

“but weren’t you the one who asked her?”

“yeah but aHHaaaHHhHHAHh bAll n’ cHAin MAAaannn!”

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